Child safety is very important while travelling, which is why it important to have the best child safety car seats in your vehicle. One of the leading mobile safety companies in the world, Britax Safe and Sound Car Seats has been manufacturing top quality car seats and mobile child safety products for more than 70 years.


Safe and Sound Car Seats

Safe and Sound Car Seats

With innovative and enhance designs that continue to improve, the Britax Safe and Sound Car Seats are best selling  child safe car seats in the world. The products are designed by dedicated specialists who show complete focus in their work. All of the products are tested under rigorous condition with child passenger safety technicians and advocates at the state of the art testing facilities of the car seats. The complete safety of the child is Britax’s top priority. Here are some of top of the line products by Britax:

Car SeatItem WeightMaximum weightOrientationStyleRating
Car SeatItem WeightMaximum weightOrientationStyleRating
Britax Marathon 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat19.5 pounds70 PoundsForward / Rear Facing Marathon4.7
Britax Pavilion 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat 23 pounds70 PoundsForward / Rear Facing Convertible4.4
Britax Frontier 90 Booster Car Seat 25 pounds120 PoundsForward / Rear Facing Booster4.7
Britax Pioneer 70 Harness-2-Booster Car Seat 25 pounds70 PoundsForward FacingBooster4.3
Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat 16 pounds30 PoundsRear FacingInfant Car Seat4.3


Britax adventure car seat

Britax Adventure Car SeatA parent’s key preference is to protect their child from any mishap. Frequently when in car, parents in spite of driving real slow and careful are always worried as you never know what kind of drivers can be on the road. Britax adventure car seat, apart from being easy to carry is light weight; high back designed keeping in view the ergonomic aspects for older children.

This seat gives surety to your child’s protection and content and provides you relieve to drive without any worries. It has an adjustable head support that has manifold height points which can be adjusted according to your child’s height. Alongside this, your child is protected with a 3-point belt that is designed keeping in view your child’s shoulder and pelvis to prevent any pain in back and neck. In addition to it, the Britax adventure car seat has a drink tray that keeps your child comfortable and busy when you travel.



Britax Adventure car seat FEATURES

The Britax Adventure car seat comes with many excellent features and benefits

  • The seat works for a 4 to 12 year old child.
  • Protect your child from pain and uneasiness as ergonomically designed for your child.
  • Its light weight makes it easily movable.
  • The cover is soft so your child is fully comfortable with that.
  • The outer cover of your child’s seat is easily washable saving trouble of dry cleaning.
  • The Britax adventure car seat comes with a free package of 2 year guarantee.
  • Additional summer covers.



Britax Infant Car Seat

britax infant car seatAs for the Britax Chaperone infant car seat model, this car seat comes with more features than the BSafe and the Bob BSafe infant car seats. The obvious difference in this model is that it comes built with the True Side Impact Protection that has a head restraint and extra layer of foam that helps absorb the shock from the crash. This model have some additional features such as the Low Birth Weight Foam Insert to enable smaller infants weighing 4 to 11 pounds to stay snug while being placed in the car seat and it is also compatible not only with Britax strollers but also strollers of other brands when it is being used with the Britax adapter strap.

The Britax infant car seat comes at an affrodable price. Both of the Britax BSafe and the Britax Bob BSafe only have a slight difference betweent heir retail price. As for the Chpaerone, it is much more expensive than the other two but is still at an affordable price. All of the Britax infant car seats are easy to install and are all certified for aircraft travel.



Safe and Sound Car Seats by Britax

Child Restraints

The Britax Safe and Sound Car Seats have the very best manufactured child restraints that can accommodate newly born baby to children weighing 36kgs. Each of the designs offer comfortable fits for children of all age.

Travel System Infant Carriers

There is a broad selection of child safety restraints that can be removed from its base. These travel system restraints are easy to handle and comfortably transport babies without any disturbance.

Convertible Child Car Seats

Aside from the standard child safety car seats, Britax Car Seats offer the extremely convenient convertible child safety car seats that possess the ability to change positions from rearward to forward facing. The convertible car seats can accommodate children up to 4 years.

Standard and Convertible Booster Seats

The improved booster seats have child harness or car seat belts that provide excellent safety and torso support for small as well as older children. The booster seats at Britax Safe and Sound Car Seats also come in convertible designs which offer an internal harness security. These are extremely convenient selection for parents.

Britax is a premium brand in child safety and mobility that offers a large variety of high quality child seats, strollers and carriers that manufactured with precision. All of the seat covers are made from a high quality fabric that is easy to clean.

Safe and Sound Car Seats


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Britax Infant Car Seat

The Britax infant car seat series have been gaining quite some popularity among parents. Britax is a company that manufactures children car seats since 1978 and they have been topping the list as the highly voted brand for their quality products and their designs that keeps improving over time to increase the safety of use for their car seats.

britax infant car seat

Known for infant car seats, Britax also have a wide range of other related products such as strollers, boosters, travel systems, baby carriers, accessories and many more. In case you are wondering, Britax maintained the same high quality in their other products as well and you can be assured that what you are getting from them are great, reliable products.

Britax has many types of car seats for children including infant car seats, convertible car seats, Combination Harness-2-Booster as well as the Belt-Positioning Booster seats. Britaxhave 3 types of infant car seats models which are the B-Safe, Bob BSafe and the Chaperone.

All of Britax infant car seats can be used for rear facing for infants weighing from 4 to 30 pounds. This is also a flexible type of infant car seat that can easily be intergrated with all of the Britax stroller models.

In their design, both B-Safe and the Bob BSafe come designed with side impact protection where the sides of the car seats are lined with protection foam that absorbs the shock and impact in a car crash. Other than that, both of these infant car seats are pretty much similar where each have four harness and two buckles, ergonomic handle, removable pillow for easy cleaning and many more.